Thursday, March 8, 2012

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This Youtube Commenter Explained The #KONY2012 Situation In The Best Way Possible

Went through the entire day yesterday embarrassingly unaware of the entire KONY situation. Twitter had a field day, every one of my Facebook friends linked the video and every website I went on was talking about it. Somehow I missed it. I wasn't even trying to be cool-kid hipster about it. I just didn't have 30 minutes to watch the video yesterday and am usually scared off by anything in CNN's "World News" section. Thankfully, the internet is legitimately the weirdest place ever.

Put anything to the Fresh Prince beat and my ears perk up. I'd blindly argue this is more effective than the video. I didn't have to see any monstrosities occur on screen, got the message, and now want to help just as much as the next person. Sure he didn't finish writing down all of his lyrics, but the point got across. My ears also perk up when I see the word, "barracks", so this was double effective.

I'll be real, WMD can't do anything to help or hurt this cause, so I'm not going to try. Fly to the motherland, get your passport punched, do the all-weapons-code, and Jason Bourne your way into that motherfucker's stronghold if you want to make a difference. Otherwise, easy with the whole "imparting your views" thing.

Thanks MD.

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