Tuesday, March 13, 2012

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Check Out This Dog That's Wildly High On Purple Drank

So this qualifies as animal cruelty right? Not the fact that this dog was clearly administered codeine and promethazine--it's 2012, that shit can happen to any pup. What's cruel is the fact that this dude videotaped the entire process. Think about your drunkest, most blacked out night and imagine if someone videotaped it and put it on Worldstar Hip Hop. Virtually no coming back from that.

This dog can't perform in any Westminster Dog Shows, get any bit acting roles, or maintain a decent quality of life. His future is permanently tainted. You think I'd be able to get a job if video surfaced of me on any random Saturday night? It's like I always say, you can't fall face first into grass while inebriated off of the purplest of drank and expect that shit not to become viral.

PS. When he had that 2 second delayed reaction to the tennis ball thrown at him, I was so on the verge of sad tears, I started chuckling.

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