Wednesday, March 7, 2012

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A Transgender Woman By The Name Of "Black Madam" Caught Giving Butt Injections Again

Being a chick is tough. You got to meet all sorts of societal expectations and try to impress people through your looks. Makeup, straightening your hair, and wearing heels are one thing, but ass implants are a whole 'nother hilarious animal.

I get it, guys do that shit too to an extent. We hit the gym, get strange haircuts, and occasionally take steroids. Shriveled balls and back-acne are essentially all we have to worry about on the mean streets of extreme-makeover'ing ourselves. Now I'm not saying I'm a better judge of character than the victims here, but when I see the name "Black Madam" red-flags start popping up. I'm stereotyping to the fullest extent and looking for names like Dr. Adnan Suresh when it comes to something as serious as ass injections. I would be making the extra efforts to make sure my shit is Nicki Minaj-sharp. But you can also submit to the ol' "When Black Madam throws a 'pumping party', you gots'ta go" theory. Hell, if this story never happened, there is a 100% chance I'd attend a pumping party--just sounds like a weird time that I'd most certainly have to investigate.

I'll side with the Madam though. When you're a down on your luck transgendered woman trying your hardest to look like Mo'Nique, you have to make ends meet. Sometimes you make a smooth transaction. Sometimes some weak-bootied bitch rolls through and gets toxic chemicals in her lungs. It's a dice roll and I respect that she's taking chances out here.

Ass implant injections=Recession proof

Thanks ST.

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