Tuesday, March 20, 2012

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Brazilian "Batman" Fights Drug Trafficking In The Most Crime-Riddled Part Of Brazil

Jokes aside, this dude is going to die. Like within the week. In all honesty, I've never seen a more killable dude. Pretty sure I'd have zero issues killing this guy based on sheer principle.

You can't retire from the police force, buy the "expensive" Batman costume at Iparty, and pretend you are making any kind of difference in your drug infested neighborhood. Dealers gonna deal. It's what they do. You're just going to get yourself decapitated running around like a jackass, terrorizing kids and fiddling with your plastic gadget belt. I don't even think the fictional cartoon, Christian Bale Batman can survive out there in Brazil. They have a very loose machete and no-police-officers-in-sight policy out there that I'm not too fond of.

Brazil does two things well: ASS and drug trafficking. Take off the suit, bro.

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