Monday, March 5, 2012

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Chupacabra Going On A Sheep Killing Rampage In Mexico

Without question, I fully believe this dog-porcupine-American Bald Eagle-pterodactyl-robot hybrid is EXACTLY what a Chupacabra looks like. I'm just going to blindly believe that a mad scientist somewhere organized the weirdest, most logistically poor orgy of all time and created this demon creature that lacerates goats by the dozens.

This post isn't about the Chupacabra though, it's about this asshole:

How can I take your graphic news report about vicious mythical creatures seriously when you introduce it with a 3D squirrel? I'm no media expert, but I have a suspicion that artistically crude squirrels aren't the best opener to a story about the mass killing of goats. Plus his presenta of the Alamo Seguros is a little pushy with the T-Shirt and the hanging sign. Let me theorize chupacabra existence without your ads bro.

Real talk, I fully believe these things exist.

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