Wednesday, March 14, 2012

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Introducing "Peeked Interest": The Dating Website Where You Can Anonymously Post Pictures Of Anyone And Pray They Respond

^have the creepiest website image in the game? Check.

There's no other way around it guys. The chips are just falling into place for me. The difficulty level for picking up chicks is literally at zero right now.

Full disclosure, I'm in my boxers and I just ordered a sandwich from the pizza shop. With Peeked Interest, if the delivery person is a pretty girl, I can fake-text snap a picture of her and post it on the site. If she finds it, says it's her and stupidly says that she wants to meet, I'm set. If she doesn't, oh well. I got my sandwich. That's the beauty of this technological world that we live in these days. The creepers and derelicts can remain in the shadows and still succeed.

While this most assuredly will lead to an increase in kidnappings and murders, there will probably be a few love stories in there as well. Like, "Saw you today scooping up dog poop..thought you were cute LOL" and "I was lurking behind a pillar in the subway and saw you reading a book. Thought I'd say hey" can absolutely lead to success in this fucked up world. Any jabroni with a 5 megapixel cellphone camera can make waves these days.

Lest we forget, tons of people WILL be kidnapped and murdered. Aside from that, business school really paid off for the founders of this website.

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