Friday, March 2, 2012

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Creepy Dude And His Friend Play “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” With Stuffed Toy Cats

I don’t know what’s weirder, this video or the fact that a friend of mine emailed it to me with the subject line: “think you might enjoy this.” Worst part is she was absolutely right. I enjoyed the fuck out of these two serial killers crushing toy cats to the rhythm of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”.

The BBC really throws you for a loop, huh? One second you’re learning about the glacial ecosystems and the next you’re watching a couple of dudes playing cat musical instruments. Can’t knock their hustle one bit. I’ve convinced myself that I can make a legitimate rap beat with retractable pen clicks at least 100 times. I just never got my opportunity. Some people use 25 stuffed-cats from Toys’R Us and some dudes rhythmically click their BIC Atlantis pens until something sounds good. We’re all grinding out here and for that I endorse this video.

750% chance these dudes have killed people/buried bodies in their lifetime. Frankly, if the creepy jams keep coming, I can look past that.

Thanks JK

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