Thursday, March 29, 2012

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Say What's Up To "FirstSighter", The Website That Sets Up Dates Based Solely On Appearance

How bad do you think and eHarmony feel about this? Their entire existence, success, and brand was made into mockery by one website in one day. Here's how I imagine the inner-monologue of a new user goes:

Step 1: Get on the site and upload two pictures.
Only two pics? Ugh, but I look SO good in way more than two pictures. This will take hours to decide.

(Two and a half hours elapse)

Step 2: Rate the pictures you upload

^Stone-cold 10.

^even 10'er than the last

Step 3: Using the number you rated yourself with, find people of similar attractiveness.

-Because I'm realistic and know I'm a 10, I can just filter out everyone 9 and below. If I'm on a dating site, first order of business is eliminating the uggos, second is finding hot chicks to date me, third is making sure the pictures I uploaded are Instagrammed like a motherfucker. #NOFILTER

Step 4: Date people that have the same attractiveness as you without knowing their personality.

-Wait, this 10 doesn't look like a 10 at all. She just told me that I don't look like my picture either. This chick must be outside of her mind because I look fantastic. This cardigan sweater, half-scarf, skinny-jean, Crocs combo is burning retinas. Can't waste this outfit on a profile picture. Actually, I should definitely make this my profile picture. I completely don't get why this girl doesn't want to take a picture of me right now, I thought we established that she's ugly and I'm awesome looking. Oh well, there's got to be a mirror around somewhere.

Ipso facto, we're fucked America.

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  1. Anonymous said... April 16, 2012 at 1:58 PM

    Hmmm. They quoted you on their fb page as a positive review - but you seem to think that the website is complete bs. While I am not pro or con firstsighter, I do know a little more about its concept design than you seem to! The point is that you rate others based on looks, and you are rated by others. This rating is anonymous. You can't decide that you're a 10, and filter out everyone 9 and below. You NEVER find out what you've been rated, and you don't know the average rating of anyone else on the site. The developers have designed it, however, so that the website DOES know these things. You are therefore only presented with people who have been rated at or near the same rating that you have been given, which matches you to others in your "group-level" of attractiveness.

    Though this for me is not the point - I usually don't want to start chatting with someone about a potential date unless I've met that person at work, in school, through friends, online is not my scene - you must admit that for many of the young, hip, outgoing crowds, that first, "Ooh, she's cute" is the thought process that happens, not whether or not you will date someone based on their intelligence. If you are the kind of person who walks up to a bar and buys a girl a drink without knowing anything about her (which, I would argue, is standard the world over), then this website does the same thing for those who are more shy about being rejected. Since you aren't presented with those who are much above your level of "attractiveness" physically, the possibility that you will be rejected based on this is lessened.

    Do I think it's a cop-out for asking someone and braving the fear of rejection? Yes. Do I think it'll be used by the Google-glasses crowd who spend their entire lives within the trap of social networking while retreating further and further from uncertain and potentially uncomfortable situations with actual and real human beings? Yes. But do I think that it could be a potentially successful business up there competing with, eHarmony, OKCupid, JDate, and the like? Again, yes. Whether or not you like it has no bearing on this article and this review, which serves to debase the website as essentially useless.

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