Friday, October 12, 2012

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Dude Kicked Out Of Bar For Having A Mullet

There are open and shut cases and then there are situations when a dude walks into a bar with a mullet. I'm pretty sure if you're out in public looking like all sorts of shit, your human rights get thrown right out of the window.

So there are several things to tackle here:

1) Those pictures:

First off, I love the side-profile, hero thing you got going with your girl on your arm. Almost makes us forget about the Mr. T gold chain, the mullet, how truly bad your look was in the inset picture from the night in question, and your decision making skills as a human.

2) Is your girl kinda hot?


3) "I'm not in a gang. I don't have tattoos all over me, I'm just an everyday person"

You're not in a gang because the Bloods/Crips/SAMCRO would literally kill you the second that you walked within a 100 foot radius of any of them. Insta-dead with 10 bullets in your midsection. It's hard to look the way you look and not get gunned down.

Listen, I understand bad hair situations. I've tried to give myself curls like Easy-E; I attempted to grow an afro and get Allen Iverson braids, I get it. But one day you look yourself in the mirror and hit a realization point that you look fucking disgusting and stop what your doing.

Don't try any trick plays. Focus on running it up the gut and you'll be a contributing member to your area's nightlife in no time.

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