Monday, October 29, 2012

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Blogging Live From "We All Gon' Die" Central

^concerning amount of precipitation on my window right now

So here it is, everyone. Possibly my last blog before I get whisked away into the sky like one of those cows from the movie Twister. You best believe your boy is going out exactly how he came in though: with glasses on, in his underwear, with Netflix on blast until the power shuts off. It's like the idea of the captain going down with his ship, only if you replace a semi-nude blogger with "captain" and clutching his laptop whilst very startled with "going down with his ship."

The real question is: can six eggs, an UNOs Deep Dish pizza, and some assorted poultry and beef last me the duration of this storm? You know, just doing my due diligence to determine the most opportune time to start eating my roommates and shit.

Be safe errrybody.

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