Wednesday, October 10, 2012

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Log-On And Get Your Ass Kicked. Gamertag: DubJ1023

I see all you cats out there talking about who has the most advanced cutlery and who's produce is the freshest. Well now is the time to put up or shut up. Come see me out here in Kitchen 2K13 and throw some stacks on it.

You best believe I'm out here everyday peeling onions, mincing garlic and marinating the hell out of my tilapia filet. All of these fake-ass cooks trying to cheat and read recipe manuals while I do my shit straight from the dome. I bet ya'll don't even know the difference between margarine and butter spread. I live for this, man. My 113-7 record* speaks for itself. Buy some Cascade for your grimy dishwasher before you decide to log-on.

*All losses to old, mildly overweight black and latino women and one crafty middle aged white mother.

PS. Or you can be a weirdo and play that really masculine game with the ball and the colorful jersey shirts:

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