Thursday, October 4, 2012

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Al Gore Thinks The High Altitude In Denver Hurt Obama's Debating Abilities

Well if this isn't a definitive open-shut case, I don't know what is. I mean, AG did invent the internet, electricity, and dinosaurs, so how can he be wrong about this? Racist air is real, ya'll.

Pittsburgh Steelers safety, Ryan Clark is unable to compete in Mile High Stadium because it triggers a sickle cell trait in his blood, which is just damning proof that black people can't function in that city. Imagine getting off a plane and thinking to yourself, "Aw man, my blood is acting up again." Hell, we should all thank AG, the Based God for putting us onto to this.

Now everyone needs to get off Barry O's back and let the man (literally) catch his breath out there. Give him a mulligan or something because the brother wasn't functioning like a human being last night. Hard to form an informed response when the black half of his blood was all sickled and shit.

Shout out to Jim Lehrer though. Dude went out there, did a fucking terrible job, went to his hotel, and slept like a baby.


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