Tuesday, October 23, 2012

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Old As Shit

Sure it was funny and cute when I put up a birthday post at age 22. Then it was fun to watch the transition I made while turning 23. Then people were probably like, "Eh, 24 is a little too old to blog about your birthday." And now here we are at 25 because...I'm still writing this blog.

Let's call a spade a spade: 25 means I'm like 1/3rd dead. If you think I have a good shot at making it past 75 you're outside your mind and I appreciate you. But there is no way a steady diet of gummy bears, alcohol and double cheeseburgers is going to keep the engine moving past 75. The only shot I have is if science finds out that high fructose corn syrup and bacon fat prolong life. Until then, I'm rolling with the fact that I have 50ish solid years left. Basically my only ACTUAL responsibilities fall along the lines of: getting foolishly paid and making sure nothing dies on my watch.

Easy enough, but yet again you all have failed me. I've said it thrice and I'll say it again. Someone come and smash my computer to pieces if I'm still writing this blog at age 26.

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