Thursday, October 11, 2012

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My iPhone Passcode Changed From 4 To 6 Digits And My Life Is All But Ruined

Two more numbers? An "Ok" confirmation button? What the fuck happened?

My thumbs are exhausted from all of this unjust work they have to unexpectedly do. Imagine if there was one more crucial step added to your showering process, like having to really clean your feet or some shit. Then multiply that by douchebag and you have my current issue. Obviously this is a #firstworldproblem, but it's a serious problem nonetheless.

You know those statistics that say things like, "You spend 25 years sleeping throughout a lifetime"? Well imagine the amount of time lost due to pressing THREE more buttons than you normally would have. Those precious hundredths add up. I can't afford to lose minutes off this exceedingly mediocre life. Just picture your life cut short by like 15 minutes. Nothing would suck more knowing that, as you were in the process of dying, you would have had 15 more minutes left if your phone didn't suddenly become a dickhead because of work policy. Definitely enough time to pop on the latest hologram porn and play a level of Angry Birds: The Future.

PS. Does anyone else get Parkinson's real quick when they have to draw anything on Microsoft Paint?

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