Wednesday, October 3, 2012

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Props To This Dog That Got Hit By A Car, Didn't Die, Somehow Got Stuck In The Grill, And Came Out With A Half-Smile On It's Face

Let this process for a second. Just sit calmly and mull over the fact that this dog was hit so squarely that it became lodged under the "Toyota of Newport" sign of this Scion, yet it survived and came out with the "get money" smile on it's face. Straight making a mockery of the driver, law enforcement, and Scions everywhere.

Animals, man. Sometimes you get duds and sometimes you get studs. There is NO way my cat would have pulled this stunt. Garfield (RIP) would have had a heart attack before the car hit and his fat-ass would have been impossible to remove from the grill--ruining the car and subsequently, everyone's day. Get me a dog that can take a hit, suffer a severe concussion, rupture it's bladder, and still have enough flair and swag juice remaining to throw up a thug smile. Salute.

PS. Took everything in my power not to put up the "Grills" video by Nelly at the end of this post. Too irrelevant and the song isn't that good when you think about it.

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