Monday, December 6, 2010

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I Dropped The Screw in The Tuna

So I'm still recovering from the shattering of all my childhood lust for Kel of "Kenan and Kel" now that Dub Jeezy dropped the bomb of "Orange Soda Boy" all over it. Seriously, I'm kind of heartbroken. Because he's right, Kel was hot, and though insane/possibly actually retarded, just generally such a better person than seemingly smart and conniving Kenan.

But now, all I have to say is that Kel has become a TERRIBLE person, his "new" dance is awful, and all his underdog sex appeal has been irrevocably blocked by rip-off Kanye West tacky orange plastic lined sunglasses combined with a cheap imitation Soulja boy arm gesture. And that I would be a thousand times more likely to break it down in any club (or just sometimes listen on Youtube) to this old school "I Dropped The Screw in the Tuna" remix than to any new copycat Kel productions.

Kel, you may have been my first love, but now I feel like everything was all a lie. Do you even like orange soda?

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