Tuesday, December 14, 2010

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Which Football Player's Respective Move Was More Douchebaggier?


No question here. Desean Jackson was/is the biggest douchebag in this battle. He's possibly the biggest d-bag in the NFL, but that's completely fine with me because the dude's exciting.

First example is purely a Rock Bottom. Yeah, the Rock Bottom from "The Rock" the wrestler. Shit must be 100% illegal, but I respect the hell out of it. Just really took it to the next level there and clearly did not care.

Desean down in the second example decided to make a mockery of everything. Everything. I was offended, confused, and laughing at the same time. Simply a reaction that I never thought I'd see when someone made it to the end zone. D. Jackson, just a guy killin' it on the field who, four years down the line can be arrested for ANYTHING and I wouldn't be surprised.

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  1. CW said... December 15, 2010 at 3:55 PM

    There is even a question D-Jax is probably one of the biggest Douchebags on earth, nevermind just the NFL. Did you see his post game interview with Vick? I've never wanted to see a kid get taken over a knee and spanked more than that moment.

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