Thursday, December 30, 2010

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Taking It Easy For New Years This Year

Thought about it and gave myself a quick timeout. I should probably chill a little bit in the opening of 2011. Last year was a fucking problem.

I'm not going to New York, I'm not getting a cool open bar deal with bottle service, and I'm damn sure (hopefully) not throwing up. Call it maturing, call it saving money, call it not trying to get in a fight. I'm just going to be a loser and not get after it. Fine with accepting that. I'm ready to go into the new year with a clean bill of health for the first time since '03. Shit'll be a revelation. I may commit to a god damn resolution. May make my first million in 2011. May find the cure for some shit. Maybe WMD becomes a legitimate website? Haha, nah, we're not dreaming to big here.

Just kidding. I have a girlfriend and that makes the entire New Year's idea an awfully expensive reason to get a kiss that I could have gotten if I had crumbs all over my face.

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