Wednesday, December 15, 2010

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Asking For One Shot In The Pros

Warning...The clip above displays nudity...Sorry mom...Hopefully I'm not blocked by the admin page by tomorrow morning but talk about seizing the moment here. A common model type intercepting the pass and firing one past the goalie in front of the 100,000 in attendance. If this wasn't fake it would be the most fantastic play in all of professional sports.

I'll be at the Celtics Hawks game tomorrow night and after watching this clip I might just follow suit...not naked of course. I'll spare those who have the game on TV with their respective dinners in front of them...but if I could sneak down from the balcony, get passed security and look to Nate Robinson for the rock the possibilities are endless.

Who knows...I could hit a trey bomb nothing but net and look to Doc Rivers from the baseline and say I deserve that 15th spot over Luke Harrongody. At the end of the day we all know that I'd definitely be too slow to make it past the food stand before I could even think about it. I'll just grab a few brews and leave it up to the big boys...hoping something similar to this will actually go down.

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