Tuesday, December 14, 2010

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Youtube's Top Ten Videos Of The Year

Here's the complete list with my opinions of course.

Top 10:

1. Bed Intruder Track: Probably one of my favorite tracks of the year. What's more concerning: the fact that this dude is wayyy richer than me or the fact that this song is steady climbing up my ITunes Top 25?

2. Kesha "Tik Tok" Parody: We can safely call this the year of drunk and overall disorderly bitches. Some rando piggybacked off said "year" and made out like a god damn bandit. Can only tip my hat to this chick.

3. Greyson Chance "Paparazzi": Welp, found the cure for my Bieber Fever (which was crippling by the way) and it's this charismatic youngster. The kid literally has chicks unfurled up in their seats. My only hope is that my blog posts do the same.

4. Annoying Orange Wassup: Never has a video title been so accurate. I'm just going to go ahead and advise you not to click this link. You're 1000% going to be upset.

5. The Man Your Man Can Smell Like: My opinions on this video are pretty much best represented through various "Halloween 2010" Facebook albums featuring me shirtless and holding a bottle of Old Spice. Drunk.

6. Giant Double Rainbow: Hey, knock this all you want, I just wish I could be as excited about anything as this guy. Sometimes I pop on Super Smash Bros. and get something like this, but it's just not the same.

7. OK Go "This Too Shall Pass": We get it guys, you make weird videos. You should probably go about a different approach, like make a crazy video, get on the map, then make normal videos. This shit is clearly cutting into your studio time.

8. Twilight Saga Eclipse Trailer: Saw this coming to be honest. It's like lying to your parents about something and knowing it'll eventually come back to bite ya. This is the Youtube equivalent of getting beaten to the point of Social Services arrival.

9. Jimmy Surprises Bieber Fan: A fairly disturbing video. Never saw it before and that was probably for the best. Add this to the list of reasons not to have a daughter. Can't imagine walking into my daughter's room and seeing life-size Bieber cut out.

10. Ken Block's Car Show: Just another car riding the rails like it's a skateboard. Kidding, I didn't watch this video, it's 7 minutes long. That's about 3 minutes over my Youtube attention span unless you got some sick sports highlights or chicks in bikinis.

Exhausting post. Time to put up some pictures of football players doing outlandish things.

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