Monday, December 20, 2010

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Absolutely Ridiculous Out There

Granted it's not "bro your car's frozen" level, but it's cold as hell out here. I'm generally outside for 10 minutes at most during different points of the day and I probably had a slipping incident occur a least 10-15 times. It's like my equilibrium is off or something. Or I'm drunk.

Let me tell you the worst part about this. Once you get past the whole "Winter Wonderland" thing everyone goes through on the first snow fall, you're probably going to get hit in the eye with a real jagged snowflake. Happened to me today. In a solid effort to soak in all that is winter snow, I looked up in the sky and not .0001 seconds later there was a Ninja star shaped snowflake in my eye debilitating me on the street. That leaves me looking like a vagrant with tears pouring out of my eye. Anyway, I'm just trying to make it through the harshness of winter, you know? I'm not trying to end up like that car on my lunch break out here.

What's really good with that peacoat that has the same mechanism as the electric blanket? I'll risk the obvious fire hazard.

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