Thursday, December 2, 2010

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Take A Look At These D-Bags Flying A Remote-Controlled Plane Throughout NYC

I can imagine the typical American worker is pretty stressed during the morning and evening commute (because hey, It's A Working Man's Diary), but imagine how extra stressed you'd be if you got hit in the face with a remote control airplane right before you walked into your office building.

This is, "today is the day that I snap and probably get fired" worthy. We wonder why things like that happen to people. We like to dig way too deep into it. Like what music the person listened to, their daily routines, and what not. How about wondering what happened to the person before they got to work. I've had a bird poop on my shoulder and I thought that was my last straw. I can't say I wouldn't have taken it to an even more extreme level if some douchebags on top of some random building had it out for me and flew a remote controlled plane into my grill.

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