Monday, December 20, 2010

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As much as I didn't want to, someone had to post this picture. I've been in fear for about a week as I thought about putting this up. Thought a bolt of lightning from Zeus himself would strike my laptop or some shit, but alas, it's here. The sports picture to end all sports pictures.

Like, good God. What is Wade doing here? His foresight to what's happening behind him is astounding. He dumped that pass to Lebron four seconds ago and just began to spread the wings to any and all onlookers. That dude behind Lebron on the Bucks is perhaps the most defeated man I've seen in months. Looks like his puppy got run over by a steamroller. I'm still not drinking any of the Kool-Aid the Heat are offering, but shit like this is unsettling.

This picture would be at least 1 million x better if LBJ clanked a layup or something. Good thing this team is so cocky that the odds this exact picture is taken like 8 more times throughout the season are pretty high.

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