Tuesday, January 4, 2011

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The Dougie That (Hopefully) Ends All Dougies

I'm about to run a Dougie smear campaign the likes no one who's smeared have seen before. I was cool with it the first couple of weeks like any Soulja Boy or Jerk dance, but when I saw Drew Stanton making a mockery of the dance, I thought, "Well, it's run it's course. Hopefully it'll gracefully ride off into the sunset." I was wrong. Take a note from every fad we've had in the last 6 years. When that guy that is generally late on all the trends is getting laughs for something, it's probably 2-3 weeks overdue that it needs to die. Take a bow and exit the scene Dougie like "The Superman", "Jerking", "Icing", and "4 Loko" did.

Each of those things made a pretty solid impact. I've indulged in all the above a time or two and enjoyed myself. But like every good thing, it needs moderation. John Wall and Chris Brown are clearly missing the idea of moderation. They're fucking hammered off Dougie'ing. I straight up think John Wall doesn't get it and Chris Brown is clinging to his career similar to how Tony Montana clung to life at the end of Scarface. Pretty much dead, but surprisingly still alive. That's what coke/dougie'ing in clubs will ultimately do for you.

PS>How concerned is David Stern with the emergence of this video?

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