Wednesday, January 19, 2011

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Chicks Are Crazy

Any one guy on this Earth (barring language barriers) can go up to another guy they've never met and utter the word "women." If the right amount of defeat and despair is in his voice, the other guy will get it. "It" being the overall acceptance that the lady folk are outside their minds.

Yup, this one goes out to you female readers. All you mothers, daughters, and even our own G have just a little bit of crazy in them. Hopefully none of you have the crazy this^ particular chick has, but each of you have it. Granted guys have a little bit of the nutso bug in them too, but we are more straight-forward in our approach. Hence the idea of serial killers. If this chick was a guy, she'd have about 11 kills at this point. But nope, she's a girl. Just freakin' this dude out, making his 9-5 that much more worse. Kind of reminds me of the real life chick from "Wedding Crashers" literally saying "I'll FIND you!!" to this dude in his cubicle. Gives me the god damn creeps.

Just kidding ladies, you're not crazy. You just express yourselves in different ways.

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