Wednesday, January 5, 2011

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So Saudi Arabia Arrested A Bird Today

I'd arrest this bird in a second if I had some comically small cuffs. Just look at him. Peering. Conspiring. There is something sketchy up his sleeve and I do not like it.

But yeah, Saudi Arabia LITERALLY arrested a bird. Apparently this thing was flying in a "No Fly Zone" which I did not think applied to birds or debris for that matter. Can you arrest a gum wrapper if it flutters into the NFZ? What's gum-wrapper-jail like? Are there multiple dudes sitting there all day waiting for something to cross into the NFZ? Is there a tag-team in some obscure wrestling organization with the name NFZ? Questions I need answering are not getting answered.

I'm going to deem this story irrelevant because frankly, Saudi Arabia is batshit crazy as a country and as an organization.

PS. I can't put my finger on it, but this bird is giving me the creeps. Like it has something in it's pockets or some shit. I hope you rot bird!

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