Tuesday, January 18, 2011

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Rough Outing For Cavs Fan In Utah

Still getting over that heartbreaking loss to Dub Jeezy's New York Jets...yikes...But one thing that lifted my spirits a bit was to see a Cleveland Cavaliers fan get run out of the gym at a Utah Jazz game. Yes, the greater Cleveland area has suffered immensely due to the absence of LeBron James...but this dude can't even hold his own out west where nobody really cares.

It's one thing to have a mascot approach you and really get under your skin...it's another to have him deck you when you go at him. Come on dude, you gotta know what your up against before you barrel across to center court for the kill. If the Jazz mascot can better you in a fight then it might just be a good idea to stay off the streets for a while.

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