Wednesday, January 12, 2011

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Airplane and Terminal Woes

A version of me en route from San Diego to Boston in the midst of the snow storms all around. Yes, I was in California and essentially had the time of my life. Great weather, food, drinks, friendly-gorgeous women all around (was nice to have a handful of inviting conversations and not get snarled at the way women do back east). But anyway little did I know I'd pay the consequences on my travels.

First of all before I even get to the airport I'm hit with a new itinerary, informing me that I was now scheduled to take the red eye to Washington DC with a 5 hour wait until my next flight to Boston. That wasn't happening - it was time to puff up the shoulders and complain a bit. After an hour on the phone and another 45 minutes bartering at the terminal desk...I managed to squeeze into one of the last seats on the plane.

Throughout the entire 6 hour flight I was stuck in between the largest woman to not have to pay for two seats and a middle aged middle eastern man who refused to move his right elbow from my $300 space (just didn't mess with anyone in this situation). It also wasn't too difficult to listen in on the family one row back with two babies, yes, babies - crying and demanding the world.

Arrive at our nations capital with 45 minutes to catch my next plane home. Seems like ample time for everyone to get their shit together and walk 20 feet off the plane. Is it just me or do people take the most obnoxious amount of time to get out of their seats and leave. Felt like I could've caught a second nap with the little fat kids in front of me collecting their snacks and games before leaving.

Back at the desk..."Sorry sir but your itinerary has changed and you might not be guaranteed a seat after all." Excuse me...can you run that back...specifically the part where you said might not be guaranteed...4 hours and $30 worth of terminal food later and my prayers were answered...on my way home. Now on to baggage claim...Safe to say your buddy Craw won't be vacationing for a while.

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