Wednesday, January 5, 2011

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I Still Exist

So despite my seeming drop off the planet earth (aka Boston) I am happy to let everyone know that a) I'm still alive and b) I've been in my pajamas for the past 3 weeks. (And Dub J better know that if he dies by pigeon poison Craw and I have totally got this.)

No, I'm not sick. I'm not dying. But I am...... a Grad student and that means I get:
COLLEGE BREAK. (cue thunderous applause and cheers)

The joys, again, of being a non-working woman are seemingly never-ending. But it's also kind of confusing when everyone else is in some "real world" where they get like 2.5 days off for Christmas while I get like 2.5 months. (Ok, so really only 1 month, but still)

I mean, life is going on without me in Boston, while I'm in some weird time warp that happens maybe twice a year where I can do nothing but hang out on my couch while my mom does my laundry and feeds me way too much. During this times I only get out of my pajamas to either: go skiing, go shopping, or go out. This situation was okay in college because everybody did it.

But now, the fact that life going on without me while I enjoy my prolonged adolescence just reminds me of what a fake person I am, and I suddenly desperately crave responsibility and stability. I should be an adult by now, damnit!  ... But then I remember that I want to do my absolute best to never be an adult, so I grab the remote and begin searching for another On Demand movie to order. I wish I could tell you it was "Peter Pan."  See you in a week or two Craw Dub J and all of Boston :)

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