Friday, January 21, 2011

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Yeah, That's What I Think Of All You Jaywalkers

Fox News covered a story in Spokane Washington about this middle finger giving crosswalk sign a few weeks ago. The best thing about this story is, though, that this isn't the result of some comical and slightly evil-minded crosswalk sign mechanic genius plotting away how to get all the crosswalks to flip everyone off... it's just a complete accident.

The word is that snow clogged up the crosswalk machine (or something) and the city let it go all day because they were more considered with clearing the roads, etc. I'm hoping maybe someone in charge just found it too funny to get rid of immediately.

Maybe, though, this is the crosswalk sign giving everyone who disobeys it a message Cee Lo Green style. Got it. F you. And forget you too. Now the really impressive thing would be if it could get the song to play along with the flip-off?

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