Thursday, January 13, 2011

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What's Good With This Blackhole Directly Next To Our Galaxy?

I know like every 4 or 5 posts I have a reference to 2012 or something related to it, but right now I'm just asking a question: What is a black hole?

My only encounter with these realms of mystery occurred during a particularly bizarre episode of "Ren & Stimpy." I can credit that show with nothing. Shit was gross, profane, and damn near offensive. But I'll give it credit. It was the only show bold enough to even show what might possibly happen within a black hole. Granted it took the typical "parallel universe" approach, but I appreciate the effort.

But in the event we do get sucked into this thing I want to know what to expect in there. Like, are we immediately dying in there? Is it hot, cold? My ideal black hole scenario would be the "do-over." Another go-around if you will. Like starting out as a baby again, with complete knowledge of what you should and shouldn't do. When you get to a crossroads with a tough choice, the do-over will lay the path for you. Bingo-bango, I'm not writing Working Man's Diary and I'm writing for a respectable publication.


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