Tuesday, January 18, 2011

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Update: Hot Metal CAN Burn Eyes

I mean, I'm pretty sure my roughly 900 degrees hot Chi straightener can burn more than my eyes. Can I get an ear pictured here? And a forehead? A nose even? You never know what could happen when someone is going for their bangs. I basically need a Mr. (correction: Mrs.) Potato Head cartoon on this warning label for it to be remotely effective.

Not to mention the straightener plates aren't super skinny or pointy or anything, they're kind of bulky. So I can't really figure out how I would ever get it in my eye in the first place.

I kind of want to clamp it down on my ear just to sue them.

"But... I thought.... it could only burn.... my eyes!" Tears, disfigurement, lawsuit, cash, rescue by plastic surgery man McSteamy from Grey's Anatomy, hospital sex, happy ending.

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