Friday, January 14, 2011

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"Better Than a Boob Job, and Cheaper Too!"

I think the reason Dub J really got me on board is so I could talk about the hard issues of life from a female perspective, like the fact that you can now buy a wine rack bra for $29.99 on

This is either the greatest (we can use our boobs to not pay for drinks in a different way) or the worst (product warns: "The more you drink, the smaller your boobs will appear.") thing I have ever heard in my life.

I mean, if you're a concert girl from earlier years you've already been hiding a camera in your bra for ages, so this just seems like a much more productive use of bra space. Oh, and you can fit a full bottle of wine in these things (or any other alcohol). So ladies, all we have to do to avoid lines and paying for drinks at the club is to look like we got an OUTRAGEOUS boob job and sip our drinks out of a long hospital-looking plastic tube. Does JWoww have one of these yet?

End review: Best idea ever. Worst execution of idea ever. Plus, I'm totally not wearing a sports bra to a club.