Thursday, January 20, 2011

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Who Knew The Mob Was Still In Full Affect?

I guess the Mafia is still alive and least until now...U.S. authorities reportedly arrested 119 organized crime suspects in what the FBI called the "largest single-day operation against the Mafia in history." 127 suspects with murder - drug trafficking - extortion - gambling - loan-sharking - the works.

God damnit. Who knew the Mob was still kicking around with a strong presence. I always wondered if miscellaneous people in my life had certain ties to the unknown. Primarily the people that just get shit done. You know...former coaches, bosses, family friends. Always living on edge for no apparent reason. Thought I was being crazy but now I'm simply spitting the truth. Am I still crazy?

But how do I get in with these people without really getting in on the dirty work is the real question. I know, that was the lowest statement I've ever typed up with my own two hands...But I'm about to hit you with another one.

How difficult would it be to marry into the Mob? Any way to collect some dough and live the good life right? But that might just be a risk that's not worth taking. Dudes have to be scared shitless the first time they meet some of these fathers...or discover the automatic gun collection in the back shed. Keep your eyes peeled.

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