Wednesday, January 5, 2011

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Everyone Needs To Know Everything

If it doesn't happen on Facebook or Twitter, does it even happen? If you don't check in on Foursquare, were you ever there? If there is not sloppy and hilarious photo documentation of your New Years, did you really even have a good time?

Definitely not.

I'm no exception to this rule, in fact, I firmly believe that you need to know every detail of my life or it probably never even happened. That makes sense to me.
But seriously, does it make what I do any less interesting, or exciting, or fun if everyone doesn't know? Do you really need to know that I went skiing yesterday, and to which particular North Eastern Pennsylvanian mountain?

Duh... YES.  ("sno mountain with kate! :)"... I won't leave you in suspense.)

At least I have no top secret superhero cave information to give out, so I can validate my existence publicly without fear of retribution from Heath Ledger (RIP).

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