Tuesday, January 11, 2011

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So How Many Jobs Is Too Much Since Graduating College?

Job Jumper: what haters and critics (all future interviewers) will classify me as if I ditch this new job.

Oh yeah guys, I have a new job. I know it's becoming repetitive and redundant to hear that because it's happened so many times, but I think this one might stick. It has to stick. I'd liken myself to a confused teenage girl that doesn't know what clique she belongs to. Basically the working version of Lindsay Lohan from "Mean Girls." Plus I'm ruthless on the exit no matter where I am. Two Weeks notice? Who created that shit? You're telling me I have to come in, knowing full-on that I'm on borrowed time, and still be productive? That's madness to me. Why don't we call it a 3 day notice so I can take my time collecting my things and getting my last oogles in at the office hotties.

Maybe I'm painting myself as bad person here (or awesome as fuck), but that's how I see it. To be honest, I think I'll be genuinely happy about this one. I've never heard of the previous places that I've worked at and being a cocky dude, that played a role. Name dropping where I worked and seeing a "did he just make that place up" look did not sit well. Maybe I demand perfection for myself. You can literally see that I ooze ambition through the layout we have for the ol' website here. Shit's exemplary. Maybe it's the elephant in the room. The fact that I'll never be happy working the typical 9-5 no matter where I am for the rest of time. Some people aren't wired that way, and maybe I'm one of them. I guess me and rappers aren't too different. The only way this shit is going to end up is with me dead or in jail.

Until then, you'll be hearing the most shit talked about daily nuances each and every day when you click www.workingmansdiary.com

Kiddinggggg. PS. We have a new website in the works that truly displays my ambition.

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