Tuesday, November 16, 2010

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Better Start Checking All Toddlers for Crack Cocaine...What?

Boston.com reported earlier today that a three-year old girl was found with 17 bags of crack cocaine in one of her shoes at pre school. The staffers at Roxbury Head Start program were certainly in for quite a surprise when she complained about her bothered foot. A 19-year old gentleman confessed he stashed the drugs...but the police report quotes the child as saying "my mommy put it in my shoes and said it was candy.'' (woops)

Just trying to sit back and reflect on what I was dealing with at the age of 3. Probably just learned how to put my shirt on right...Distinguished the difference between spoon and fork...almost fully toilet trained...Clearly nothing too strenouous.

So next time you feel as though your day could be a bit smoother, just keep in mind you're not stumbling into heavy drugs while teaching a toddler how to tie her shoe at school. Words to live by.

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