Friday, November 12, 2010

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Sad to Say I Almost Bought A Pair Of Heelys

Remember when I said I need to up my style? Well first off the New Balance Factory Outlet shouldn't be the place I turn to for a fresh new pair of shoes. So there I stood browsing (strong emphasis on the word browsing, not purchasing) when I stumbled on a size 13 pair of Heelys. My god.

In that moment I had a vision of me painting the town in those crisp white roller shoes. But then I thought of the number of factors that could end me...including female audiences, me keeping my job and overall dignity. I don't know if Heelys are the best fit for the 250 pound, decently coordinated 23-year old 'young proffesionals' out there. Maybe we'll just leave this one for the kids.

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