Monday, November 1, 2010

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As A Girl, How Crazy Do You Have To Be To Write For This Website?

^not this crazy. You will be fired immediately if you're this crazy...

I am here to introduce G (name tentative) as the newest, exclusively X chromosome'd writer for WMD. Frankly, this has been long overdue. You guys can only see so many posts about strange unicycle tricks and giant gummy worms in a row without needing a breath of fresh air post from the female perspective.

G decided to come in and pass this little test with flying colors. I half expected to see a post on a fairly easy topic not involving condoms or the swallowing of condoms, but low and behold, I'm knee deep in a condom/diamond post. The girl came in HOT. She figuratively looked me in the eye and said, "pfft, I do what I want" and I can't knock it. Basically dropping the hottest post in weeks and walking off into the sunset like a country-western hero.

Welcome to the squad G (name SO tentative), I hope you know what you just walked into.

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  1. bloggggggger said... November 1, 2010 at 7:24 PM

    seriously? another writer on the blog-now known as the NOT-working -so-hard-man's diary...

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