Wednesday, November 10, 2010

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Straight Up Don't Respect This Race-Car Mini-Cooper

It doesn't take much to gain my respect, but it certainly takes a lot to lose it. Namely this thing. Everything about this monstrosity has caused the rare instance of me going out of my way not to respect it.

Seriously, if you regard this "car"as a form of matter, I can't respect you either. Just too many bells and whistles to deal with. If you're crazy like I was to read this article on this piece of shit, you'll notice that it can't even race in the United States. NASCAR said "eff that noise" right away. Too little going right in NASCAR for them to just sign off on some piss poor construction of a vehicle. The novelty will wear off in about -1 second.

So before I completely shut down reading that article up above, I caught some interesting (not really) tidbits. In this back-alley version of racing otherwise known as the "World Rally Championships" these pompous weirdos decide to race in public traffic. Yup. Just like, "Need for Speed" and "Gran Turismo", but way less badass. Way less. The epitome of how wack this sport is can be seen by the fact that the drivers can receive speeding tickets midway through races. Fucking speeding tickets in a race. That's like being unable to get wet in a swimming pool or some other fantasy-land BS.

Aside from all I've said, I will still 100% get my son involved in the world of Rally Racing Through Traffic, or whatever this "sport" is called. There is literally 0 demand for it, so he can probably be the best within minutes of popping out of the womb.

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