Wednesday, November 10, 2010

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George Bush & Kanye West Have Patched Things Up

So I know we were all desperate to find out if Kanye and George would ever work through their differences and be friends again, and now, we can finally sleep easy again knowing that they are FINALLY back on track. It's the bromance of the century<3

The two hit a snag when in 2005, West announced on TV that Bush "doesn't care about black people" and that was why the relief after Hurricane Katrina wasn't cutting it. Very well put. Cut right to the heart of the situation.

Thank God we have visionaries like Mr. West to let us know indisputable facts like a) there were ZERO white people living in New Orleans during Katrina b) the best music video of all time, was, in fact, created by Beyonce Knowles and c) Kanye himself may actually be God if we're going with this video:
Kanye West - Power ---> I mean, I'm convinced.

Bush has a new book out in which he calls Kanye out for calling him a racist, BUT never fear, kids, because in an interview today Bush said that despite the book-bashing, he and West are FAR from fighting. "Kanye West stopped by to see me yesterday," Bush said, "He seems to have changed his tone rather dramatically."

WAIT, WHAT? Kanye stopped by to see you yesterday? Do you guys just hang out casually? What exactly did you two do, break out the Xbox and sit down for a couple bro-bonding hours of Call of Duty? Maybe have a lover's spat over whether it was racist or not that it's called "Black Ops"? Ripping on Obama because he doesn't care about white people? (Or maybe just because he called Kanye a 'Jackass' too) I JUST DON'T KNOW.

This is all a mystery to me, but I'm just glad the dynamic duo has kissed and made up and are back together. I'll leave you with that hopeful message, and another gem of a statement from Bush's interview this morning. "I'm not a hater," said Bush, "I didn't hate Kanye."
Nothing but love here, folks.

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