Wednesday, November 24, 2010

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Hoping for a Decently Mellow, Smooth Holiday

Co-blogger Dub Jeezy recently expressed how great it would be to view a Craw family sky cam at the Thanksgiving Day table...I honestly couldn't agree more. First off there's always a good amount of unspoken competition between the big boys in the house. My dad, brother and I used to split two large pizzas and fight all the way down to that sixteenth slice... explaining why every plate that's ever been placed in front of me is polished off in four minutes flat. Just imagine what happens when we get in the buffet line or sit around the Turkey Day spread.

Secondly, you never know which cousin will decide to bust out the most wildly inappropriate comment right in the thick of the family festivities. Just waiting on somebody to ask about that one ridiculously drunken facebook picture that slipped through the cracks to the homepage before I could delete it...Perhaps bring up the handful of sub-par relationships I've been in...maybe a shift in conversation from one relatives promotion to inquiring about my raise (the answer is raise).

Then we inevitably shift to the general holiday sports talk that circulates the greater New England area...NFL games on TV...Miami Heat...Why the Celtics are better...Bruins (lesser priority - sorry)...Red Sox off-season conversation (no one really gives a shit - but you've already discussed everything else). Reminiscing the high school Glory days with the uncles is entirely optional. May respectively dismiss myself at that point for some girl talk and unwanted blueberry crumble (god damnit).

So there are some of the unavoidable scenarios in land O'Craw before the alcoholic beverages are thrown into the mix (we don't have to go there). Craw family sky cam it is? Wishing everyone a pleasently bearable Thanksgiving from WMD.

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