Wednesday, November 10, 2010

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Can We Briefly Discuss "White Dog" The Movie About A Racist White Dog?

Netflix "Watch Instantly" queues must be fizzling out left and right because the aptly titled, "White Dog" has landed, and it has landed hard.

Like, I'm not even close to mad that there is some "Cujo" related movie sitting in the archives somewhere about a (you guessed it) white dog that solely must kill black people. You cannot tell me there is a more appropriate movie for "Bad Movie Sunday" than this. I won't let you--and believe me, we've already watched "18 Year Old Virgin." The ridiculousness scale will be off the charts. Apparently this dog just crushes black people for like an hour and 48 minutes to the dismay of white people old and young.

I've only watched the muted trailer, but I have a pretty firm grasp of what this movie can be about. Death, violence, destruction, and the overall ending message of: "If this white dog can change, our entire nation can change." Kind of like Rocky at the end of Rocky IV. Ivan Drago and the White Dog are roughly the same and black oppression and the cold war are exactly the same. The parallels are undeniable. Rocky IV is "White Dog."

This movie will get a 5 Star rating out of me on Netflix if it ends with Michael Vick just giggling like a school girl for 2 minutes straight in the background as the credits roll.

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