Thursday, November 4, 2010

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Strictly Put, What Japanese Toy Is More Effed Up?


Here's a battle I never thought I'd encounter/discuss--the Russian Roulette game versus the God-Jesus robot.

Wow. Don't even know what to say about either of these. Does the Russian Roulette game prepare you just in case you encounter that situation. And even if it does prepare you, is there a way to become good at Russian Roulette? My knowledge was that it was just a roll of the dice between survival and a messy situation. Apparently there are some conversations out in Japan like, "Nah, I'm not fuckin' with that dude, he's absolutely nasty at Russian Roulette." I mean, if it can actually make you better at the game, more power to ya kid. You can never have too much survival knowledge in the realm of luckily surviving a bullet.

Clearly the most concerning (effed up) of these Japan toys is this God-Jesus robot thing. We've all had some sort of robot toy I assume. The thing usually lit up a little bit, made some strange noises, and said something about defending the universe. Nothing wrong with that. Is the God-Jesus robot preaching passages from the Old Testament? I'm trying to protect planet Earth from alien invasion, not trying to hear the word of God during a casual toy sesh. They gave it a cross. Really?! Like, oh, this thing looks composition, beady red eyes, and whoops, just a cross hanging out in his hand. Kind of kicks things up roughly 5 notches. Takes it from a game to a serious, serious event faster than anyone imagines.

I'd rather my children play with a game that prepares you for the tough times that Russian Roulette present than some robot preaching the sermon and freaking everyone out.

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