Tuesday, November 30, 2010

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Which Animal Is More Baller To Ride?


Before we break this down, we have to assume both of these men died minutes after these pictures were taken--because the art of baller 100% means putting your life in danger.

First off, I'm real weirded out by these animals' lack of alarm in relation to these dudes riding on their back. And what's that dude holding in the lion picture? A fucking Jai Alai whipper? I don't get it. Dudes that play sports like that are NOT pictured riding lions. Got to award points there for sheer surrealism.

Bear dude is rockin' some Brett Favre, Wranglers commercial gear like it ain't no thang. We can all see where he's coming from not trying to wear nice clothes while riding a bear, but still, it's an "every man" sort of way to go about it. His lackadaisical approach to the whole "I'm riding a bear" ordeal is kind of off-putting, ya know? For that I will not award the bear guy the winner. I will pull a Wild-Card play and flip the script. This picture is the winner, because I own a turtle and these are clearly the most baller animals in the game.