Tuesday, November 23, 2010

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Everything Wrong With The Thanksgiving Day Parade Is Displayed Here

When has the Energizer Bunny been relevant? The "it keeps going and going" jokes have been out of circulation for at least 10 years right? Dude is still making regular appearances at the big parade year after year. The parade organizers are just getting lazy over there. Must be a bunch of old geezers talking about the perils of Hip-Hop music and junk food, discussing the simpler times when the Energizer Bunny and Little Caesar's Pizza was making waves.

In the defense of the parade committee, what could we honestly put up for floats this year? Mike "The Situation? A Four Loko can? Seriously, this was one our worst years as people. Not an ounce of progress in medicine or in politics. The reason we have irrelevant characters and random slices of pizza out there is because we as a country are too embarrassed to feature what really happened this year. Shit's ridiculous.

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