Wednesday, November 10, 2010

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The Power of Google Talk Part 5

Getting to know us a bit more...This round of work conversations consisted of every entertainment distraction involved in our daily the fact that we're just a couple guys with nothing going on really...damn.

Craw: the question for friday night is
what should i do?
should i go about my usual antics around the greater boston area
should i get productive, sense what its like to be sober
should i publicize on facebook that I AM NOT A ROLE MODEL
hey dub ;)
should i accept my role as the villain, and proceed to black out every friday and saturday night
should i sell tickets to the best of my abilitity until i simply cant sell anymore
what should i what should i what should i do

Dub J: Glee is on
Craw: yes
Dub J: feel like i havent seen it in awhile
Craw: yeah me too
whats the episode this week
Dub J: no clue
im re-pumped to watch again though
Craw: yo we forgot to watch FNL (Friday Night Lights - best show on television hands down)
Dub J: oh shit
we dont get that channel though right?
Craw: no direct tv
dont know how that works
Dub J: I say we just wait for the season to finish then watch them in bulk
Craw: true - gotta have to take deep breathes and not crack
Dub J: just continuously forget about it every week
Craw: too tough...BUT in other news
this month IS
Dub J: whoa. whoa. WHOA
not opposed to the midnight showing
Craw: im in

Also some talk in regards to new co-blogger G killin' it in week 1. Brought the fear back into our eyes. WMD is in full effect.

Craw: Despite our opinions on the blog name G
I read that post and just thought, "well ok, the name can stay as G"
Dub J: yeah, she shot back - hard
Craw: just put us in our place
Dub J: im intimidated
as a blogger
Craw: dude - im scared        
-Point G

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