Monday, November 29, 2010

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If This Is True, I Will Be Getting On My Benjamin Button Shit Immediately

Finally Harvard has decided to pull it's weight in the science field huh? Not like they've done anything of note EVER. Pfft. But seriously, Harvard are turning mice into Ben Button.

Mice. Always tormenting me. Whether they're skittering around the oven at my old apartment or ruining my newly purchased bread, they're just not cool animals. Assholes if you ask me. Test that fountain of youth serum on me, not them. You know I'll appreciate it, while they'll continue to poop anywhere and everywhere to the point that you're impressed that they managed to poop in the back of the freezer. I digress.

I want out of age 23 so bad, you have no idea. Shit got real super fast once that college diploma hit the palm of my hand. You can pick any age prior to 22 really and I was probably having a better time in general. Sure the title of this blog would need to be adjusted (A Non-Working and Strictly Video Game Playing Child's Diary?), but the overall pizazz would be there and I'd still crush it on the social commentary/funny life situations scene. Seven year old me would probably post something along the lines of "Not Tryin' To Eat These Peas Mom" or "Can A Brotha At Least Get A Tamagotchi." The simpler times really. No waking up for "responsibilities" or supporting myself. Most people would want to wait until they're like 85 to pull of this little caper..not me. I know what's ahead and shit is looking grim.

I'm trying to get entrenched in a gentle mix of senior year of high school and freshman year of college. Essentially a year when you don't give a shit combined with a year where you get a ton of girls. Plus I'd still be a legitimate athlete. None of this, "I have to wake up early tomorrow" business or being unable to grab the rim on a 9 foot hoop.

How much you trying to bet that I'm not plotting a Harvard laboratory break-in right now?

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  1. PostScripter said... November 29, 2010 at 11:47 PM

    Reading these blogs from the ripe age of 19 makes me fear my future. :(

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