Wednesday, November 3, 2010

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NBA Intros Changing Dramatically With The Times


So video #1 features Wizards rookie PG John Wall before his league debut. Has Anyone In The NBA ever broke it down like this before a game? Dude hadn't even tossed a regular season assist at this point and the crowd's already won over. Hard to imagine what would happen if it were the NBA Finals...Might have to wait til he's out of a Wizards uniform in seven years to see what happens there.

Then we get to the Chicago Bulls '97 Finals introduction. Nothing but smug looks all around to go with a handful of NBA championships. What would Dennis Rodman do in 2010? Sure he had the hair going back in the day but damn...if he were in the NBA now we'd be sitting through a full-out karaoke performance. With most people hating LeBron James and generally creeped out by Shaquille O'Neal it's time to get on board with The John Wall.

Everybodys doing it

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