Tuesday, November 16, 2010

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When A Dude Dressed As A Clown Robs You On The Toilet, Your Week Is Pretty Much A Wrap

This clown masked dude really sets the bar for lowest of the low as far as people go. First off, he went with the clown mask approach that hasn't been effectively used since like 1950, and secondly, he robbed an old woman (which in his defense is pretty standard for robbery), and thirdly (and grossly), this woman was using the toilet.

There should be some rules and/or guidelines within the realm of robbery. I feel like robbing an old woman in a clown suit should be the #1 no-no on the scoundrel Bill of Rights or something. This crime has literally made nothing sacred anymore. If we don't have the toilet, what do we have. Aside from doing "work" on the can, it's a good spot to just kick back and chill. In my case nap, but to each his own.

Was it worth it bro? Was blackballing yourself in the world of crime worth $28 old woman dollars and $1000 in costume jewelry? Ehh, it was probably worth it for the costume jewelry.

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